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About Aerial Sync Education

Carla Rose is the founder of Aerial Sync Education (ASE) as of July 2015. She expanded creating the not-for-profit in January 2018. 


It began in Oct of 2014 when Carla was a student in the executive MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis.  She had an idea to create a watch that would project the golf course hole onto your hand. A classmate loved the idea and was sure he could find the software and hardware to create the watch.  He found the software, but nobody was creating such hardware. 

While her classmate was looking for hardware, Carla decided to find a drone company to take videos of golf courses in the UK.  At that time the business tax was 12% in the UK and Rory McElroy, was one of the hottest golfers and he was from the UK.  We would make our mistakes in the UK and then take the product to the US, where the expendable income in golf was very lucrative. 


Carla found a drone company and set up an appointment and in 2 weeks a larger company working with the military purchased that company.  She went back to her classmate and said "maybe we are heading in the wrong direction let’s bring the drone industry into the US".  


She recruited three other students who wanted to get involved. This industry was so new and so vast they couldn’t decide on what direction to take Aerial Sync.  She wanted education and the three others wanted to sell software.  Carla argued nobody was ready for software they didn’t even use drones, but she lost and after six months they decided to go their separate ways. 


They had created the Aerial Sync Education logo and LLC. but no money was involved.  They dissolved the LLC. and it was agreed by all involved Carla could keep the logo and name since it was her idea.  


In July 2015, Carla became sole proprietor to Aerial Sync, LLC.  She began working with graduate students from Washington University over the next four years.  They did a year and a half study with MODOT, a study with Corn growers, construction companies, architect firms all at no cost. (MODOT and others are now partnering with ASE.) Carla also did a six-month, no charge study on her own in Kentucky watching and learning about bridge inspections. She worked with some of the best drone pilots in the country.  This industry was so new if ASE were going to teach there was so much to learn, and we completed our schooling.  Carla considers herself an expert in the drone industry.  We are prepared and ready to open ASE. 

What we do

Aerial Sync Education's mission is to create innovative STEM jobs utilizing Drone Technology for the infrastructure pipeline.

Our purpose is to focus on underserved young adults 18-25 bridging the equity pay gap for long-term sustainability for students and communities.

Our vision is to have a state-of-the-art innovation center to train our students on drone technology. Each ASE graduate will be given their own commercial drone to launch their career. We will do this by creating partnerships with commercial drone companies.

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