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Autodesk looks to future with investments in 3D robotic drones and IoT as a service

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Toyota in talks to buy Waltham robotics firm from Google's parent, Alphabet

Toyota Motor Corp. is reportedly in talks with Alphabet—Google’s parent company—to acquire Boston Dynamics, the maker of the BigDog and Atlas robots

A Powerful Yet Tiny Engine Inches Closer to Powering EVs and Drones

A GO-KART ISN’T the most obvious place to find the engine that could change how cars, drones, and anything else with a motor gets around, but it makes sense when you think about it. Karts are small, cheap, and crazy fun. “It’s a thrilling ride,” says Alexander Shkolnik...

Shapeways Announces Winners of DJI 3D Printed Drone Accessories Competition

3D printing services company Shapeways announced the winners of a competition to design 3D-printed accessories for DJI consumer drones.

Euro 2016: French Police considering using surveillance drones during this summer's tournament

The Paris police department is looking to deploy small surveillance drones for security operations during this summer’s European Championships soccer tournament

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