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January 03, 2023

In Madagascar Test, Drone Delivers Medicine by Air

When drones are in the news these days, the context is typically war or surveillance or the speedy deliver of packages to impatient consumers. Here, Heidi Hutner of Stony Brook University offers a “Your Dot” contribution on a recent test in a roadless region in Madagascar that could signal an exciting new frontier for this technology – helping deliver health care to some of the world’s poorest, most isolated communities...

The drone taking on ‘one of the hardest jobs on the planet’

If you look to the forests in the Pacific Northwest, you might see something that looks like a Frisbee flying through the air. But this Frisbee is blasting fertilizer and seeds into the ground at 350 feet per second, faster than paintballs fly out of a gun...

Autodesk looks to destiny with investments in 3D robotic drones and IoT as a service

When we consider of Autodesk, we probably think of desktop program and normal manufacturing, though a association is perplexing tough to change that perception, and currently it announced a initial 3 investment from a $100 million Force Fund, that includes a 3D robotics worker company, an on-demand appurtenance emporium use and a height for building intelligent connected Internet of Things inclination —  sexy adequate for you?

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